collage of the fire department


The Williamsburg Fire Department is looking to make their Fire Chief Full-Time.

On May 25th, from 7 – 8:30 pm at the town office, there will be a special meeting to discuss the FY24 proposed budget before the Annual Town Meeting on Monday, June 5th. As some of you may or may not have heard, part of the discussion will be transitioning our Fire Chief to full-time.

The current position is part-time and is based on 20 hours a week. The chief responds to both fire and medical calls, along with handling a multitude of administrative and maintenance duties every week, which typically averages over 30 hours a week.

Over the last ten years, emergency calls have risen to over 400 incidents a year and Inspections to around 125 a year, all with a shrinking department. We rely heavily on members during the day that are over the age of 65. These members are a huge asset to the department but, unfortunately, due to their age, are nearing the end of their time with the department. These are just a couple of examples of why we feel this is the time to transition to a full-time fire chief. Over the next few weeks, we hope to post further examples to help inform you about the department and how we feel this transition will improve it.

We hope you agree and understand our needs and will come out and show your support and make our department stronger and our community safer.